Day local government requirements nuclear power plant disaster prevention policy expanded to 30 km outside the circle

Fukui County Nuclear Power Station 30 km outside the area outside the government officials on the 10th visit the Atomic Force Regulatory Office
According to the NHK report, the Japanese government will be within the scope of the nuclear power plant within 30 km of the region set as the focus of disaster prevention areas, Fukui County nuclear power plant within 30 km outside the government officials outside the 10 days to visit the Atomic Force Regulatory Office , Asked the Japanese government for the relevant areas of nuclear accident response to support. 3 kilometers away from Fukui County Otsu City, Kyoto Prefecture Kyotango City and other local governments 3 Chief Executive 10 visited the Atomic Force Regulatory Office. These local governments believe that even outside the 30 km area should also deal with the risk of nuclear accidents to develop relevant evacuation measures, the existing measures are flawed. The local government hopes that the Japanese government will be able to support more than 30 kilometers of the local government into the relevant disaster prevention policy. In this regard, the person in charge of the Atomic Force Regulatory Agency said that it is very difficult to take refuge in the room in the area of ​​30 kilometers away in theory and to incorporate it into the asylum policy. Otsu City Mayor more straight to the United States, four years ago, Fukushima first nuclear power plant accident in the 30 km outside the area has also been affected, should learn the lessons to change the policy. (Intern Zheng Jin) (Source: People's Network - International Channel)

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