Beijing black dumplings dens Nissan million illegal addition of sodium cyclamate

Reporters found through the door which was also processing dumplings
Fengtai Food and Drug Administration check, the spot was found to be strictly prohibited to join the dumplings in the lattice of a lignin inside the package, dumplings workers smoking smoke work legal evening newspaper (newspaper unannounced visits group) refused to mention the customer, hiding demolition after the rental compound According to the information provided by the reader, "Legal Evening News" (micro letter ID: fzwb_52165216) reporter unannounced visits found in Fengtai District Wanliuqiao near possession of three illegal Processing dumplings dens, one of which can produce tens of thousands of daily. Reporters were removed to the production of dumplings, Fengtai Food and Drug Administration found that the state is strictly prohibited to add food additives - sodium cyclamate, regular consumption of the human body will be harmful to the liver and nervous system, in particular, will threaten the elderly Child, pregnant woman's health. June 1, Fengtai Food and Drug Administration jointly Fengtai Public Security Bureau of the three dens were checked, a total of seized 1.7 million dumplings, and was the next day to the professional site to destroy. Readers broke the news to eat dumplings results are sweet are not long ago, Fengtai Jiayuan Sanli residents Guo, in the vicinity of the plot of the North integrated market authentic Shandong steamed bread room to 1 yuan / month price, the purchase of 15 glutinous rice jujube Zongzi. After eating, the whole family found the dumplings hand is sweet. Glutinous rice jujube dumplings only package in the inside of the jujube is sweet, up to cook after the jujube wrapped around the glutinous rice is sweet, hand did not come into contact with jujube and jujube glutinous rice can not be infected with sweet. So, Ms. Guo search the Internet, suspected to buy their own dumplings may be added to the cyclamate - cooking to the water put the material, making the dumplings were dyed sweet, hand contact with Zongye and then sweet. The next day, Ms. Guo found the bread room. The boss said, dumplings are from the outside into the goods. According to Ms. Guo's reflection, May 20, the reporter came to Fengtai Majiapu West Road in the north of the integrated market, and soon found in the vicinity of the East Gate of the market that home. Authentic Shandong bread room. Steamed bread sitting south and south, a row of two facades, one for sale, one for processing bread and other staple food. Reporters saw the bread room is selling dumplings have three varieties, one is jujube, one is the bean paste, the third is the candied dates. Jujube, 1 yuan a bean paste, candied dates 1.5 yuan a. Law late (micro letter ID: fzwb_52165216) Reporters on the bread room owner said, now near a morning market to sell dumplings, sales can, want to ask him what he sold the dumplings which is the purchase price. Steamed bread boss said, dumplings every morning delivery, bean paste, jujube each six wool five, candied dates each one. As for where the dumplings which processing, who processed, he did not know, never heard of. Processing point boss repeatedly refused to take May 21 as early as around 6 pm, the reporter once again came to the North to the integrated market, just entered the market gate, saw an electric tricycle from the bread room to the door came. Note that the car is stacked with more than 10 bags of dumplings leaves, the reporter will quickly stop three electric shouting. Three drivers is a young man, when a reporter said he would like to contact ordered dumplings, the man said he could not do the main, so that journalists and bosses. Reporters said there is no boss of the phone, ask him to provide. He said bread room boss has, let reporters find bread room boss to go. In this regard, the reporter said: "I am near the market to sell bread, dumplings, and bread room competition, he did not tell me." So, the three drivers told reporters the boss surnamed stone, and his phone told reporters. It is curious that he also told reporters, do not say that he provided the boss phone, because the boss has something, not to know the people who do not know the phone. "To the boss to attract the business itself is a good thing." Reporter asked: "Why not let the phone?" Three drivers said: "afraid of trouble." Law late (micro letter ID: fzwb_52165216) reporter asked three rounds of drivers go back where? Three rounds of drivers talk about Wanliu Bridge. Reporters quickly asked: "Wanliuqiao what?" Three drivers aware of the leaked mouth, and quickly reversed the topic, said to dumplings, then, to the stone boss call. The same day, the reporter ordered the name of dumplings, and stone boss to get in touch. After ordering dumplings, the reporter made himself, let the stone boss told the processing location of the driving route. Stone boss said he did not need to take the self, he could arrange the delivery. Reporters said that self is very convenient, and time better grasp, insist on self. Stone boss is still sternly refused: "If this is the case, you still look at other people's home dumplings it." Zongye garbage exposed black dens because the dumplings can not be ordered to find the processing of dens, so the reporter decided to Wan Liuqiao as the center , In the range of 3 km around to start looking for. Wanliu Liu is the north side of the village, the current village has been demolished Liu, but also left a few leasing compound, surrounded by empty out of the ground by the waste recycling households to occupy, take some simple shed, used to recover the accumulation of waste. These leasing compound caused the attention of journalists. May 23 afternoon, the reporter finally near the Liucun railway near the rental compound, found a large number of Zongye garbage, indicating that the black dens is likely to be in the vicinity. Soon, the reporter saw a gold cup van came to stop at the entrance. There are tricycles in the courtyard came out next to the gold cup, the driver will open the car door, which was filled with dumplings leaves. Around the people on the gold cup car on the zombie lined with tricycles, then pulled into the compound. Into the dens want to enter the door was questioned May 24 at noon, the reporter ordered the name of dumplings once again came to the north side of Liu Village Railway rental compound. From the outside observation, the compound area covers an area of ​​about ten acres, which is very small spacing of the row of houses, it is very crowded. The courtyard is not large, motor vehicles can not enter. At the entrance, the reporter met two girls who were about to go out and were about fifteen or six years old. When the law late (micro letter ID: fzwb_52165216) reporter asked who to do dumplings outward wholesale, a girl wearing a white shirt ride out, pointing to another cycling girl, told reporters: "her home Do the dumplings. "Another girl riding a parked asked reporters:" Which of you? "Reporters said:" Ma Jiabao market. "Women on the Majiapu market seems to have some understanding, and asked:" horse "The woman said she knew the market, and said that there had been a lot of money before the Lantern Festival." The reporter said: "The house near the paternity hospital." At this point, the woman has to relax the vigilance: "Now check can be tight, and supposedly should not let you go to see." Then, she told reporters and so on, need to go ahead to say hello. Light bladder man dangling cigarette packs dumplings under the leadership of the woman, the reporter walked into the densely populated compound. Turn left through a row of rooms, is a channel. I saw the end of the channel placed a few large pots and about 0.8 meters high stainless steel vats, five or six people are busy together, the woman told reporters that it is someone else's home. The woman took the reporter along the channel to go ten meters to the left into another channel, has been the last came to her home. Her home is also at the end of the channel, the right side is the two open the door of the house, one of the house there are three light arm of the man is sitting around a big bowl filled with glutinous rice dumplings, one man mouth Dangling from the smoke. I saw their package dumplings of the action is very skilled, loaded rice, put dates, wrapped dumplings leaves, tied almost at one go. According to the dens owner introduced, these packages dumplings workers can be a minute to pack six dumplings. In the dens, the reporter saw two stoves are cooking dumplings. Cooking dumplings steamer is a stainless steel vat, which is filled with dumplings, the top with plastic sheeting, like a huge pressure cooker. Boss introduced, a vat can cook more than 500 dumplings at once, 3 to 4 hours can be cooked. A dens can produce 10,000 daily reporter noted that the dens are full of dumplings wrapped, and some are still soaked in vats, and some have been put into the plastic bag to pack, ready to send. The boss told reporters that he has a total of jujube, bean paste, candied three varieties, every day can be processed on the million. Among them, jujube, bean paste wholesale each 0.65 yuan, candied dates each 0.9 yuan, free shipping. Law late (micro letter ID: fzwb_52165216) reporter asked him if there is no added to the inside of the cyclamate, was the other categorically denied that will never add. On the left side of the nest, there is a small door leading to another channel, but also the most northern side of the compound channel. Reporters through the door also found that some people are processing dumplings, so put forward to see the results stopped by the boss, said there is another, not his. Parting time, the reporter asked the boss to contact the phone, the results found that the other is the reporter had contacted the stone boss. The official detection found that the illegal addition of sodium cyclamate May 30, the reporter will be hidden in Fengtai Liu Village rental compound of the three dumplings processing dens to Fengtai District Food and Drug Administration were reported. Fengtai Food and Drug Administration attaches great importance to this, specifically carried out research and deployment. In order to increase the crackdown, Food and Drug Administration leadership proposed the dumplings of the nest for the early detection. On the same day, the reporter to order the name of the dumplings linked to the stone boss, and agreed the next morning, the stone boss to the North to the integrated market to send dumplings, the reporter ordered three kinds of dumplings together to the bread room. May 31 morning, the reporter successfully got the stone boss processing production dumplings. Fengtai Food and Drug Administration conducted a preliminary test, the results found that sodium cyclamate. According to Fengtai Food and Drug Administration staff, "sodium cyclamate" is a synthetic sweetener, the sweetness of sucrose 30 times, while the price is only one-third of sucrose. Consumers often eat sodium cyclamate content of excessive drinks or other food, the liver and the nervous system will cause harm, especially for metabolic detoxification capacity of the elderly, pregnant women, children more obvious harm. According to China's relevant standards, as a food additive sodium cyclamate can not be rice, flour and other food products in the detection, or as illegal addition. Site inspection of 17,000 dumplings were a pot end out June 1 at around two in the afternoon, Fengtai Food and Drug Administration Joint Fengtai Public Security Bureau Economic Investigation Brigade food and medicine squadron police came to the south of the Third Ring Road Wanliuqiao dens. When the law enforcement team arrived at check the scene, the three dens of the workers are still busy packing dumplings, boiled dumplings. To be law enforcement officers came to the depths of the yard, that is, before the unannounced visits to the home that dumplings made dumplings, the package dumplings workers take advantage of chaos has disappeared. Outside the room, two coal stoves are boiled with two barrels of dumplings. In the room, two large basins are placed with soaked glutinous rice and stacked leaves. Big pot placed in the middle of a vat, which code put half a barrel has been wrapped dumplings. And the ground is full of beer bottles, cigarette butts and daily garbage, two stations in the middle of the small table has been opened with half a bag of sodium cyclamate. A bag of glutinous rice and sodium cyclamate stacked in the depths of the room, the edge is a box of red bean paste. Reporters approached a look and found that the box says "moon cake dedicated." Law late (micro ID ID: fzwb_52165216) the number of reporters, the three dumplings dens, when a total of 10 are using open fire dumplings dumplings, and in each dens are found out the same brand of sodium cyclamate. In the whole investigation, the law enforcement officers seized illegal production of food, food raw materials and tools and equipment, a total of 42 large stainless steel barrels, large stainless steel basin 6, 9 plastic baskets, large plastic pots 2, Weighing 1 Taiwan, glutinous rice 765 pounds, red dates 280 pounds, bean paste 13 kg, reed leaves 12 pounds, Ma Lian 40 bundles, sodium cyclamate (food additives) 12 bags (1 kg / bag), finished dumplings 17700. How much sweet sodium? Feeling Fengtai Food and Drug Administration, an inspector according to the seizure of the site of the cyclamate asked the black dens workers, dumplings, how to add sodium cyclamate. The worker said the addition of sodium cyclamate was done by the package of dumplings workers. Package dumplings workers will be wrapped in a large bowl of dumplings, put a layer of dumplings will sprinkle a layer of sodium cyclamate. Finished, he pointed to the half of the drums have been wrapped up the dumplings, said: "You see, this dumplings above the shiny is just sprinkled sodium cyclamate." After the dumplings filled with dumplings, the direct boil, cooked , Then the dumplings into the cold water bubble, so most people can only eat a touch of sweet. Inspectors also asked if they had the standard of how much sodium cyclamate was in the bucket. The worker replied that there was a quasi-child, how much of the sprinkling of the individual feeling. Black dumplings have been destroyed, filing According to Fengtai Food and Drug Administration staff, June 2 morning, the law enforcement officers seized the already wrapped 17700 dumplings were sent to the professional site to destroy, and the matter has been placed on file. The council confirmed that these "black dumplings" without a trademark, no production business name, mainly sold to the nearby road stalls group market. The preliminary investigation and verification, the production staff to the field of migrants to Beijing. Fengtai Food and Drug Administration said that in addition to the above undocumented processing dumplings point to investigate and deal with, but also for the processing of dumplings to facilitate the conditions of the premises of the lessor to trace the premises. More knowledge of three methods to distinguish sweet dumplings Fengtai Food and Drug Administration Law Enforcement Brigade of a staff to remind consumers, with the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, dumplings demand increases, consumers still want to go to the regular supermarket or store to buy, do not map Cheap to buy in small markets or mobile stalls. Distinguish dumplings whether to add sodium cyclamate, you can smell, two licking, three tastes. The so-called "a smell" is to pick up the dumplings to smell the smell of no dumplings leaves, the general fresh dumplings are wrapped with fresh dumplings, cooked after the natural dumplings flavor. "Licking" is to peel the leaves after the leaves, with the tongue light licking and dumplings sticky parts, of course, no contact with jujube, bean paste or other fillings, if the dumplings leaves sweet to doubt whether the addition of sweeteners The Finally, you can nibble a dumplings of pure glutinous rice corner, try to have a sweet taste. If the sweetness are you found, it is possible that the dumplings in the production process contact with sodium cyclamate. Dumplings Prohibit the addition of sodium cyclamate Chemical name is sodium cyclohexyl sulfamate, is a chemical synthesis of food additives. Regular consumption of sodium cyclamate content of food, will cause harm to the human liver and nervous system, especially for metabolic detoxification capacity of the elderly, pregnant women, children significantly harm. The use of hygienic standards for food additives is clearly defined in the range of 0.65 g / kg for pickles, sauces, prepared wines, pastries, biscuits, bread, ice cream, ice cream, popsicles and beverages. According to the "food additives use health standards", dumplings (glutinous rice products) shall not add sodium cyclamate. Text / newspaper unannounced visits group photo / reporter Liu Chang

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