Hangzhou built tall buildings were dubbed "thick legs" called inspiration from the San Tan Yin month

But the architectural design inspiration comes from the famous attractions of the West Lake
Was dubbed the "thickness of the legs," one in Hangzhou built high-rise. Hangzhou Qiantang River has a decorative external walls of the building these days became "net red": 154-meter-high building hollow, both sides of the width of the two buildings, but the top connected, from afar like capital " R ". April 25, the building began in the Sina microblogging was hot, some users think it like Beijing's "big pants", but also a bit like Suzhou's "big Qiu", but like a leg thick, one leg Fine, called it "thick legs"; there are friends ridicule it is "a soft leg of the pants." Was dubbed the "big pants" of the CCTV building. Was dubbed the "big autumn pants" of the Suzhou Oriental Gate. It is understood that the building called "Hangzhou India". 27, the project manager Ma Zhenggang told the surging news (www.thepaper.cn): "Everyone's understanding of the building is different from the project appearance is not surprising, but the architectural design inspired by the famous attractions of the West Lake. "Ma Zhenggang said," Hangzhou India "design for the world, the bid is to participate in the Beijing Capital Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, Changsha Huanghua Airport and other architectural design of the Canadian B + H Architects. "At that time, we brought the main designer to the West Lake to find inspiration, that evening the sky has a blue sky, three tan months of the three stone pagoda reflected in the lake, very beautiful to see this scene, the designer said the elements should be included in the design. To the project near the large water body, he also used a hollow design, hollow part of the shape of the reference to the three tan stone tower. The sun is empty, the hollow part reflected in the water, like the tricolor of the stone tower reflection from the side, the building is like a boat parked Riverside. "Ma said that. According to reports, "Hangzhou India" a total of 39 layers, a wider floor is a hotel-style apartment, narrow is the office building, Siamese top will be built infinite swimming pool.

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