The man was fake loan 13 years The bank was found eight years ago but did not end

The bank said it found a number of false loans are the developers are also Mr. Lee to find the bank after the bank
Chinese business newspaper (Reporter She Hui) inexplicable to be their own loans to explore, Mr. Lee found that, as early as 2008, the bank has found a number of false mortgages. And Mr. Lee's name is one of them. Credit card was frozen only known under the pen loan loans November 17, the public Lee received a bank message, said he was in the People 's Bank personal credit situation is abnormal, the credit card was frozen. Mr. Li felt very surprised, then went to the People's Bank for personal credit report. Credit report shows: February 28, 2003, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch in Shaanxi Province to Mr. Lee issued 200,000 yuan of individual housing loans, February 20, 2030 due. The last 5 years there are 4 months in the overdue state, overdue amount of 3512 yuan. Mr. Lee said he did not have a personal housing loan. He further through the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China that his name of the 200,000 yuan of personal housing loans to the lending bank is the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch of Xi'an Textile City. Contract signed is not his own did not lose the ID card November 18 and 21, Mr. Lee twice to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Xi'an Textile City Branch asked the matter, and got his name on the loan of personal purchase loan contract The Contract for the loan for the borrower to buy is located in Weiyang District, Xi'an Zhangjiapu Street to do a building area of ​​98.88 square meters of commercial housing, the loan period of 27 years, from February 20, 2003 to 2030 Year on February 20 The final contract with the lender "Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Textile Textile City Branch," the official seal, the borrower Mr. Lee's signature, seal and guarantor of Xi'an Wansheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. official seal. The annex section also has a list of collateral and personal income proof. See the contract, Mr. Lee even more incredible, this is not his application to the bank, the contract is not his signature. Mr. Lee said he never lost ID card, would like to know how the contract is handled out. Banks said a number of false loans are found in the developers are also Mr. Lee to find the bank, and soon, he received a Xi'an Wansheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. phone, said he would like to talk about this matter. Yesterday morning, the company once again contact Mr. Li. China Business Daily reporter asked the person in charge of the company, had been fraudulent use of Mr. Lee in the name of the bank for the loan procedures, the responsible person "is still not clear." Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Xi'an Textile City Branch of the relevant person in charge admitted that in 2008, Mr. Lee's loan has been identified as a false loan. The official said the contract shows that the purchase of housing does not exist, when the developers find a group of familiar customers, with their ID cards and other materials for mortgage, for the developer's business. Later, the bank's monthly mortgage by the Xi'an Wansheng real estate development limited liability company also, in April this year, the developers of the funds there is a problem, there is no timely repayment, only the emergence of Mr. Lee's credit card was frozen such a problem. The bank staff said that in 2008 found that this is a false loan, the bank to the president, down to the following staff, the deal has been handled. They will urge developers to Mr. Lee's name all the loans paid off and cleared, in addition, and then asked to delete Mr. Lee mortgage bad record. "Since 2008, we found the problem, why the loan has been my name?" Mr. Lee questioned this. A bank official told reporters, "Since the bank found this problem in 2008, the correct approach is to terminate the loan in a timely manner.Customers can take the judicial channels, to hold the bank and the developer's responsibility." As an ordinary citizen, if the case How to defend the rights of such a problem? Shaanxi Hai Pu Rui-law firm lawyer Li Yaohua said, first, to find developers and banks, asked to pay off all the loans, and the corresponding compensation; the second is to urge the bank in time to correct the personal credit records. If the developers and banks refuse to compensate, you can take legal rights.

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