Lao Ma secretary Wang Shibin: the first property by the people of the country know the officials

Altay became the first place in China to introduce official property declarations and disclosures
"He is the first property income by the people of the country know the officials." Speaking of Xinjiang Altay, talking about its beautiful natural scenery, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Such as the largest freshwater lake and magnificent grassland, it is estimated that many people will have a deep impression. But to talk about the anti-corruption here, small partners may be no impression. In fact, since the 18th century, Altay's most eye-catching Lok Ma officials, that is, in June this year has just been announced Wang Shibin, he is the original member of the Altai Prefecture, Altay municipal Party committee secretary. Note that Altay is a county-level city under the Altay region. In the hot topic of anti-corruption, it is worth noting that the region and the characters are too much, so a popular area and people, it can not attract everyone's interest. So, on September 18, Wang Shibin was announced after the double open, a lot of sites, although forwarded the news, but there is no comment at the bottom. But if anyone wants to talk about the history of anti-corruption, Altay is a very worthwhile name. It was in 2009, in the efforts of the regional party secretary Wu Weiping, Altay became China's first implementation of official property declaration and public places. If the disclosure is the best sun preservative, then, in our country history of anti-corruption try to feel the first ray of sunshine, it is Altay. Although the system of water test, to a large extent due to Wu Weiping personal efforts, but also in the sudden death of Wu in 2009 after the setbacks, and soon in the local sadly exit, but the ice did not act, Altay Also from the history. After eighteen, official property declaration and open, once again become a hot spot, and in Guangdong and other places pilot, to be further promoted. In fact, when the Aletai because of this matter can be a fire, and all kinds of reports, comments overwhelming, it's ice-breaking move, was called "Altay experiment", but the Internet age, we are more forgetful. We are now unfamiliar with the name of Wang Shibin, but you may not know, with the public property system to test the water, the first property income by the people of the country are aware of the officials, it is Wang Shibin. At that time the Altay region is the implementation of the "county (department) level leading property declaration requirements (Trial)", Wang Shibin was Altay party secretary, so his public property declaration is the most prominent, widely reported by the media, and now from the Internet Found this form. Altai ice 7 years later, Wang Shibin or party secretary, but more than a member of the status of the Committee, but he is now no longer clean, but was swept out from the report by the Commission for Discipline Inspection, now the prototype. Moreover, from the recently announced violations of the facts, Wang Shibin this shape is really enough horror. Why do you say that? Because since the October last year, "the Communist Party of China Disciplinary Regulations," after the promulgation and implementation, was informed of violations of the "six disciplines" of the officials a lot, but to say "six disciplines" all violations of the "general" officials are still relatively rare, But Wang Shibin is one of them. From the political discipline, organizational discipline, clean discipline, to mass discipline, work discipline, life discipline, should not violate the discipline, he is a violation of the times. Such a real image, and when he himself in the public property declaration to the image of their own portraits compared to how far apart. This may also be a side from the side that the official property declaration system is a very good mechanism, but it is only a start, if there is no matching investigation and recovery mechanism, it is likely to become a legal means of official performance, Be used by corrupt officials. Wang Shibin, this new full-time disciplinary officials, since entering the career since, did not leave the Altay region, from the Altay City supply and marketing cooperatives secretary, step by step to climb the Altay Committee, Altay party secretary's seat. Such an official in the local network and the foundation is certainly very deep, but perhaps it is by virtue of this, he was possible in the local so unscrupulous discipline and no fear of the heart, even after the eighteen big still convergence , Do not close hand. Throughout the rare few bad circumstances, all violations of the six disciplines of officials, are generally fought in a place for many years, with the network can easily act "snake". For example, since the revision of the Ordinance since the first violation of all six disciplines of Lok Ma officials, Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Company, former party secretary, chairman Dengqi Lin, that is the case. Another example, Anhui Wuhu Cigarette Factory original director Wang Longming is the same, in the local deep plowing fine for 30 years, until the number one, tree deep roots. However, it is not reported, but the time has not arrived, camouflage and then deep, resistance and then stubborn, there are always exposed tail, crashed when the horse. Wang Shibin's sacked, I do not know for those who still remember the past people, whether it will be a little impact. In fact, Altai first test the occasion of the water, there are many people expressed concern about this matter, many people do not believe that the authenticity of this official property declaration. Now, the king of Lok Ma really unfortunate "verification" of this concern. Today's Wang Shibin proved to be a "general" disciplinary officer, but he was in the declaration of how bad this year: wages: 21036 yuan / year; all kinds of bonuses, allowances, subsidies and welfare: 24835 yuan / year, in addition , Without any additional income. Especially in the "use of power to receive" that column, that big "no" word, many people still have the impression so far, and now the word is undoubtedly the biggest irony. However, in any case, can not lose confidence in the mechanism itself, ah, the king of sacking just remind us of property declaration and disclosure mechanism needs to be further improved.

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