Police suspects were violent anti-law was dragged more than 20 meters rolling to the ground

Police Gao Bo arrested a suspect in Qishan
"As a policeman, I can not let the suspects escape from my hands." Yesterday, just from the operating room out of the Chaoyang County police Gao Bo said. March 1, police Gao Bo in Qishan arrest a suspect, was the other side of the violence against the law, the suspect drove him dragged more than twenty meters, causing him to seriously wounded. February 5, Qianyang County, a number of consecutive street pickpocketing cases, the county Public Security Bureau Chengguan police handling the case through the investigation of the relevant monitoring data, found that four drug users have a major crime suspects on the organization of high-Bo And other police to arrest. March 1 morning, that the suspect in Qishan, police handling the case to Qishan Yongchuan town Ma Jiangcun streets and Baoji City Public Security Bureau police confluence, the implementation of arrest. "We will suspect the driver driving the vehicle to stop, I quickly pulled the car on the door, and produce a police officer, ready to control the suspect." Gao Bo said that when he was ready to pull the suspect, the suspect Long A while the other police have not arrived at the machine, hanging up and down the throttle forced to reverse. Caught off guard by the suspects driving crazy drag more than 20 meters after the fall to the ground, the suspect side of the rapid reversing, while the direction of the side of the fierce, the high Bo fell to rolling rolling, driving from the side of the road to escape. "I tightly grabbed the door, I thought never to let the suspect from my hands slip away!" Gao Bo said, did not expect the suspect even drove from his legs on the hip bone rolling over the past. After the incident, police handling the case quickly rescued the injured high Bo, and sent to the Qishan County Hospital for treatment. 15 o'clock that day, Gao Bo was transferred to Baoji City Hospital of hospital treatment, diagnosed as the right acetabular fracture, right hip posterior dislocation, right sciatic nerve injury. March 10 at noon, after several hours of surgery, high Bo from the City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine orthopedic surgery room to launch, the operation was very successful, so that relatives and colleagues a sigh of relief. His wife specifically to the 4-year-old son took over, son Bobo lying in bed father's hand, hope my father hurry up. Provincial Public Security Bureau Inspectorate Corps captain Xing Xining to the hospital to visit Gao Bo, he said Gao Bo wounded, the provincial Public Security Bureau is highly concerned about the matter, vice governor, Provincial Public Security Department Director Du Hangwei instructions to rescue the injured police, and severely punish the suspect people. Xing Xining said that last year there were four serious cases of serious police in Shaanxi, from the point of view of injury, mostly related to drug control, in the future arrest of drug-related suspects, the police must strengthen their own protection The It is understood that Baoji police have been suspected of violence to interfere with the national staff to perform their duties, theft and drug-related criminal suspects Long Moumou, Zhang Moumou and the theft suspect Lu Moumou captured the case is being further processed.

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