The woman was riding a professional night riding a bicycle after the death of suspected brain to the ground

A woman was knocked down by a bike riding at night
The scene of the accident, lying on the road can not move. @ Yichun Daily News, June 23 evening 20:50 Xu, Jiangxi Yichun City Yuanzhou Road, Moon Road, Wen Tang to Xian Gong section of the traffic accident occurred, a woman was a night riding a bike knocked down. According to the scene onlookers the public learned that the accident man more than 30 years old, the accident is a bike looks more expensive dedicated to riding a bike. Man wearing a professional riding equipment, knees because of falling blood flow more than. Was hit more than 20 years old woman, for the cool soup local people, lying on the road can not move, looks serious injury. According to the scene of the public speculation, may be caused by the back of the head. 120 emergency personnel quickly rushed to the scene, was hit by a woman first aid, but the rescue is invalid, the woman died on the spot. It is understood that the perpetrators of the man has been the traffic police department control, the cause of the accident is under further investigation.

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