Xi'an 4S shop sales Tianjin Port "dust truck" before the sale to declare

Sales staff bluntly said to be Tianjin Port
Like Mr. Wang recently considered the purchase of imported JEEP guide, recently to the three bridge car city import modern Shaanxi 4S shop consultation, found a great price concessions, sales staff bluntly said that Tianjin Port "dust car". Mr. Wang is very puzzled, "dust car" can sell it? >> Consumers: discount rate is curious I asked and found a "dust car" "price discount rate is indeed impressive, but heard that Tianjin Port 'dust car', people are entangled, such a car in the end Dare not buy? "Mr. Wang has always wanted to buy a car imported SUV, in the online query a lot of vehicle information and prices, August 16 to the third bridge car city a 4S shop to see the car, the sales staff offer offer margin Quite large, a JEEP guide who discounted nearly 60,000 yuan, which makes Mr. Wang both heart and doubts. Sales staff bluntly said that Tianjin Port "dust car". "This car in the end can not be sold, if I bought, can not sign on the brand?" Mr. Wang worried about buying back too safe, not on the brand. He was online inquiries, see a lot of "dust car" into the market news, there are friends that the dust generated in Tianjin Port explosion may be harmful to the human body, which makes him very tangled, "If there is a problem, but also How to allow these cars into the market? ">> 4S shop: before the sale to sign a statement" dust car "sold very good 18 noon, China Business News reporter came to Mr. Wang reflects the three bridge car city import modern Shaanxi 4S shop, the right hand side of the store parked a white JEEP guide, the sales staff offer clearly told "This is a Tianjin port after the explosion of the" dust car ", China Business News reporter questioned" This car can sell it? There will be no security risks? "Sales staff said:" fear of hidden trouble can buy a normal car, and some consumers will pay attention to preferential prices. "This car market price of 25.49 million," dust car "preferential price of 188,000 yuan. The so-called "dust car" is gray, such as the door, and so some of the deposition of dust, 4S shop does not guarantee quality, as long as the consumer price recognition can be, after sale by Chrysler is responsible. "Dust car" in accordance with the standards of second-hand car warranty, the engine, transmission one year warranty twenty thousand kilometers, the other are not in the warranty. If you buy any home after the emergence of any quality problems, need to spend money on their own maintenance. New cars generally have 5 years 100,000 km warranty. "The dust car" can be on the brand? "Sales staff said," can ", these are through the AQSIQ assessment and announcement, you can sell the price of second-hand car," we sold the 'dust truck' Not for the brand. "For the" dust car "source, the sales staff said the company is bought in the form of auction, they buy back there is a risk, consumers buy back there will be risks, the purchase will let consumers sign A uniform format statement that illustrates the situation of the car. From the sales point of view, the general buy back to the normal use. In the car next to the parked a modern Gerry, sales staff, this 2.0T original price is 278,000 yuan, the normal new car can offer 6,000 yuan, this car is "dust car", the price is 21 Million, but no car, two days to arrive. For the "dust car", the sales staff said, has entered the two batches, each batch of 200 vehicles, and now sold on the remaining 86. >> factory sales companies: Tianjin Port car accident can have three kinds of sales can be found in February of this year, there was news coverage in the official website for news Jeep Tianjin Port explosion damaged vehicle auction market, limited Chrysler (China) car sales The company has issued a statement that the quality of the car will not flow into the normal new car market. In Chrysler (China) Automotive Sales Co., Ltd. official website, also opened up a query window, is divided into three categories, namely, Tianjin port accident damage car, Tianjin Port accident was parked in Tianjin Port of the new car (such as imports of new large Cherokee), Tianjin Port during the accident had been parked in Tianjin Port special vehicles (such as import guide), consumers can be based on vehicle identification code for damaged vehicles related information. For these three types of vehicles, the official statement has said that a total of 3435 vehicles in the Tianjin port accident suffered serious damage, of which 2114 have been destroyed, the remaining 1321 were designated as the whole loss of vehicles. There are some vehicles parked in the port of Tianjin during the accident, the location distance from the explosion source a few kilometers away, the batch of vehicles to implement the cleaning, polishing and cleaning, the replacement of the engine air filter and air conditioning filter. The guide in this group of vehicles, free offers in the form of special vehicles by second-hand car dealers, while Chrysler (China) Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. authorized dealers to provide second-hand car warranty. 18 afternoon, the China Daily News reporter Chrysler (China) Automotive Sales Co., Ltd. customer service, the staff said, Tianjin port accident in some of the damaged vehicles sold to the second-hand car market, but in sales, the seller must be to the consumer To provide vehicle maintenance reports related to the maintenance of each vehicle are not the same, consumers can also be based on vehicle information in the official website. "Dust car" can not be successful on the brand? China Daily News reporter consulted the city of Xi'an Che Kwun, the staff said that the vehicle on the card, the state has strict management requirements, if the procedures are complete, in line with security requirements, you can apply for a license. China Business News reporter Shi Zheng

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